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Details Count   Rich Monnie-- Business Consulting

  • Business Advisor
  • Cut Expenses
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Analyze Potential Business Acquisition
  • Identify and Prevent Accounting Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Identify Key Indicators for Success of Your Business
  • Clean Up Your "Books"


  • My success comes from helping you be successful.
  • The difference is in the details.
  • I strive to exceed expectations.
  • Performance guaranteed -  would rather make a difference than a dime.

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Client Comments

"Rich Monnie is very creative and innovative in his approach to today's small business challenges. His breadth of experience is invaluable!"

"Rich Monnie has the breadth of business knowledge to help almost any small business owner be more productive and more profitable.  This is a man you need on your team."

"Rich is a man of great integrity and I trust him to tell me what is right not necessarily what I want to hear."

"There is no one I would rather work with or entrust my financial oversight to, I know he is watching out for my best interests."

"He is fair and precise.  Rich delivers expert results and provides options.  He always has a contingency plan in place. Rich strives for excellence."

"Deft ability to problem solving:  no matter how big or small.  He gets to the root of things layer by layer (kind of like peeling an onion).  Rich puts the word "NO" before problem."